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QuantEcon Summer Course in Quantitative Economics

The QuantEcon Indian Summer Workshop is an online intensive course in quantitative economics for Indian students, presented by QuantEcon and designed in conjunction with the Department of Economics at Ashoka University the Delhi School of Economics and the Indian Statistical Institute. The target audience for the course is talented young economists in India who want to learn about data science and computer-driven economic modeling. The course will provide students with an introduction and exposure to key tools in quantitative economics that are increasingly in demand in graduate programs in economics and the private sector

The lead instructor and academic coordinator for the program is Thomas J. Sargent, co-founder of QuantEcon, Professor of Economics at New York University, and 2011 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom to distribute workshop materials and exercises.

An invitation link has been emailed to all registered participants.

If you have not recieved this sign-up link please check your SPAM folder or get in touch with us at



This PDF gives a summary of topics by day.

A more detailed overview of topics is available through Google Classroom.

How will the Workshops Run?


Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to connect economic modeling problems to numerical implementations in Python using clear, efficient and effective code. Participants will be able to apply basic software engineering principles to organize, share and collaborate on coding problems.

These skills are in high demand for economists and data scientists at leading tech companies and universities around the world.


Organizers of the program can be reached through